Short Film | 8 minutes

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When an introverted teenager photographs an charming backpacker naked in a caravan shower block he must choose between keeping his precious secret or saving his friendship.

Written by | Tim Spencer

Directed by | Joshua Longhurst

Produced by | Annmaree Bell

Dale | Alex Packard

Jake | Chris Dingwall

It is the summer of ’93 and awkward teenager Dale has been dragged along by his parents to a caravan park. One night as he finishes up in the shower block Dale’s secret crush, the hot older backpacker Jake arrives and strips off for a shower. Remembering the disposable camera in his bum bag and driven by his secret desire, Dale makes the dubious decision to try and take an opportunistic snap.

Josh Longhurst

Cinematographer  | Michael Filocamo

Production Designer | Inneke Smit

Sound Designer & Original Composition by | Pru Montin

Edited by | Danielle Boesenberg

Associate Producers  | Peter Wilson and  James Emmet